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It only takes one moment of poor judgement to result in a DUI. If you've been arrested on suspicion of a DUI, you need legal counsel now. Randy C. Rubin Attorney at Law, P.C. can represent you, building a strong case to present in court. You'll work directly with a DUI lawyer based in Roseburg, OR to go over all the details.

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Do you understand your charges?

Do you understand your charges?

Before you can start building your DUI defense, you'll need to fully understand what you're being charged with. There are multiple types of charges that your DUI lawyer will go over with you. These include...

  • Aggravated DUIs
  • Felony DUIs
  • Commercial DUIs

Working with a skilled attorney will give you more confidence and clarity as you walk into the courtroom. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 541-677-7102 right now.